The Allard Cilley Family at Moxie

Allard Cilley worked for the Maine Central Railroad as a Section Hand in Clinton, Moxie, and by 1910 in Bingham, where he settled. Most of his family is buried in the Bingham Village Cemetery. His children’s marriages tie him to the Cassidy family of Bingham, and the Huff family of Moscow.

In the summer of 1908, he was stationed on the Somerset Railroad line at Lake Moxie, where the family took time to pose for a photograph. This photograph provides a glimpse into the life of a railroad family in the Upper Kennebec in the early 1900’s.


Evelina Cilley and her Children at Moxie, about 1908. (Detail)

On the back of this postcard, Allard’s wife, Evelina, wrote a detailed message to her friend back home in Wisconsin, describing their location and naming each of her children.

March 1, 1908

Dear Mrs. D. This is the camp we lived in in the woods this summer. It is opposite Moxie Pond and Bald Mountain. You see Blanche is quite a girl. She is standing with her hands on her hips. Willford is sit[t]ing down. Moses is standing with an ax in his hand. Lenora is standing and I am holding Gillman. I will write in a few days. Have not been able to write before. With love from Mrs. A.L. Cilley

The family members were:

  • Allard Cilley, born 1863 in Brooks, Maine, and died 1937 in Bingham.
  • Isjardelia “Evelina” Isaacson Lystig, born 1869 in Hammerfest, Norway. Evelina married first in 1892, in Wisconsin, Andrew D. Hunter. They had one daughter:
  • Blanche Katherine Hunter, born 1893 in Wisconsin, died in 1969.  In 1912 she married Joseph E. Cassidy, born 1880 in Cranborne, Quebec, son of Edward and Ellen (Colgan) Cassidy. His brothers Patrick and Albert Cassidy lived on Mahoney Hill in Bingham. Joseph was a railroad foreman at Rockwood in 1920, but had moved to Bingham by 1930 and worked as a machinist in the shank mill. The family moved to Brownville by 1940, where Joseph worked as a machinist in a peg mill. He and Blanche are buried in the Cilley lot in Bingham Village Cemetery.

Allard married Evelina in Wisconsin in 1896, and took Blanche into their home. She is sometimes recorded as Blanche Cilley.  Evelina and Allard had the following children:

  • Willford Merrill Cilley, 1896, married Maitland Walters, died 1925.
  • Moses Lorenzo Cilley, 1899, married Abbie Miseth Huff, daughter of Bion and Miseth (Stuart) Huff of Moscow, Maine. She died in childbirth in 1924, and he married second Lola May Otis of Fairfield. He died 1979.
  • Lenora M. Cilley, 1901, married first Arthur K. Geer, and second George Dellatorre. She died 1980.
  • Everett Cilley, 1904, died 1909.
  • Gilman W Cilley, 1905, married Evelyn Tompkins, died 1937.
  • Cordelia Christin Hildegard Cilley, 1908, unmarried, died 1958.

Evelina Cilley and Her Children at Moxie, 1908. (Postcard from the author’s Collection)


Vital Records at


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