Healy’s Ranch – Pleasant Ridge, Maine

Albion L. Healy operated Healy’s Ranch and camps on his Pleasant Ridge property for at least 15 years. Healy was born at Concord Corner, a son of Nathaniel and Parthena (Savage) Healy. He married Emma Frances Andrews, daughter of Horatio and Mary (Greenleaf) Andrews. She was a granddaughter of Levi and Achsah Andrews, who left Ipswich, Massachusetts to settle at Pleasant Ridge in the 1820’s. 

Albion owned several properties in Pleasant Ridge, including the old Levi Andrews farm on Lot #60, which he purchased from George Andrews in 1890. The ranch was further south on the Canada Road, according to Dick Rollins, whose family owned the property later on.  Dick’s grandmother Eva (Houghton) Rollins was Albion’s niece.


Healy’s Ranch, Pleasant Ridge, Maine (Author’s Collection)

The farm was on the east side of the Canada Road at the end of a long drive, and the cabins were on the upsloping hill west of the farm. According to Dick Rollins, the four camps were named Arden, Greenleaf, Comfort, and Holyoke. The location was probably Lot #48 where A. Healy is shown on the 1883 Colby Atlas map below.


Colby Atlas of Somerset County, 1883 (detail)

The house on the west side of the Canada Road, shown in the landscape photo postcard, may have been the “summer house” mentioned in the advertising flyer below.


Advertising Flyer for Healy’s Ranch, after 1900 (Author’s Collection)

Albion died in 1918, and the Healy Ranch farm stayed in the family for some time. In 1928, his widow Emma deeded the farm to their adopted daughter Alzada and her husband, Perley Bickford, who were then living with her. Perley died soon afterward, in 1930.  Emma and Alzada Rowe Bickford released their claims and sold the property in November 1930 to Lee C. Rollins, who lived there for many years.

Albion Healy was also involved in the Rowe Pond Camps, and the next article will follow the ownership of those camps from the time he invested in 1895 to the Maxfield years.


  • The Healy Ranch, unpublished paper by Dick Rollins, 2014, shared with the author.
  • Author’s collection for photographs, brochure, and genealogical  notes.
  • The Colby Atlas of Somerset County, 1883.

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