Moosehead’s Deacon Ford: Mayfield to Kokadjo

A few histories of the Moosehead region mention Deacon Enoch Ford as the first permanent settler at Roach River, also called Kokadjo.* He went to Roach River as a logger by at least 1841, traveling up from his home in the town of Mayfield. Enoch was born in Jefferson (Balltown), Maine about 1801, a son … Continue reading Moosehead’s Deacon Ford: Mayfield to Kokadjo

Dr. J. Leon Williams and Concord Haven

James Leon Williams was born in 1852 in the farmhouse across the road from where he built his magnificent summer residence Concord Haven, on the banks of the Kennebec. Ernest Walker, in Embden, Town of Yore, wrote that at Leon's birth, the farm belonged to Leon's maternal grandfather, Ralph Wells.  Leon was the eldest of … Continue reading Dr. J. Leon Williams and Concord Haven

Moscow’s Chamberlain / Dresser Hill

The 1860 Chace map of Moscow, Maine shows the location of Dresser Hill, which was  better known, earlier and later, as Chamberlain Hill. The names come from families who settled there in Moscow's early days. Moses Chamberlain and his sons settled around 1820. The Dresser family came and went quickly during the 1830's and 1840's, … Continue reading Moscow’s Chamberlain / Dresser Hill

Remick and Healy’s Rowe Pond Camps

Most histories of Rowe Pond Camps start with owners Witham and Maxfield, who ran the camps in the early 1900's. This article presents evidence of earlier owners of camps and equipment at the site in 1895, and their connection to Witham and Maxfield. On October 21, 1895 Albion Healy of Pleasant Ridge bought a half … Continue reading Remick and Healy’s Rowe Pond Camps

Healy’s Ranch – Pleasant Ridge, Maine

Albion L. Healy operated Healy's Ranch and camps on his Pleasant Ridge property for at least 15 years. Healy was born at Concord Corner, a son of Nathaniel and Parthena (Savage) Healy. He married Emma Frances Andrews, daughter of Horatio and Mary (Greenleaf) Andrews. She was a granddaughter of Levi and Achsah Andrews, who left … Continue reading Healy’s Ranch – Pleasant Ridge, Maine